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    Worlds smallest charger from British manufacturers

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எவ்வ துறைவது உலகம் உலகத்தோடு
அவ்வ துறைவ தறிவு.


To live as the world lives, is wisdom.



One Hour of Charge

35 Kms of Drive
(3.6kW Charger consumes 3.6 Units/Hour)

70 Kms of Drive
(7kW Charger consumes 7 Units/Hour)

105 Kms of Drive
(11kW Charger consumes 11 Units/Hour)

210 Kms of Drive
(22kW Charger consumes 22 Units/Hour)

It’s not that we love IC engines less but we love our environment more!

We Are EVtron

Who we are?

EVtron is a team of ignited minds to accelerate the greener journeys and are conscious about revolutionising the Indian transportation towards a sustainable environment.

We have partnered with EO (a British brand), manufacturers of smart (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - EVSE) chargers for the Electric Vehicles (EVs).Hereby, with extensive technology dynamics, we build charging infrastructures for the Electric Vehicles (EVs).

What we do?

Simple. We co-create charging eco-systems to leave a cleaner planet for the next generations.

In other words, we offer end-to-end solutions in installation, service and maintenance of EVSE chargers in your locations viz., home, office or any other place at your convenience. We have got a plenty of charging options / chargers that would suit to your needs and preferences.

Why EVtron?

Products : Our products are British designed with an Indian touch. We install chargers that are trialed, experimented, updated and are successful in its performance across the global market. We have already sold more than 15000 chargers worldwide including the countries like UK, Norway, Ireland, Australia, Thailand & India.

Team : A young and dedicated team of well-trained professionals who are as enthusiastic as you about electric vehicles and their chargers. In a nut shell, if you own a EV, just sit back and relax as we take care of your charging needs.

How smart is our charger?

Our chargers love data! It incorporates every single information through eoCloud for your reference and reviewing purposes. It can be tracked as well as controlled from your smart phone (eoAPP).


  • Monitor your electricity consumption
  • Restrict access to specific individuals
  • Set pricing and generate revenue
  • Links home & work charging to record benefit-in-kind tax


  • Navigate to your nearest available EO
  • Pay for charging on-the-go
  • View your charging history
  • Charge session notifications

Partner with EVtron

Want to be a part of our journey? Step in. We are glad to onboard you.




Party Halls




Theme Parks

Parking Spaces

Commercial Places

You can gain green credits and attract customers to your locations. In turn, it would help to generate active and passive income for your business.



Once your order is confirmed, we work ahead in three approaches. Pre-installation analysis, Execution and Post installation report ...

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Incase of any issues, raise a ticket in our web-portal and our customer support team will get back within 48 hours to address your concerns.

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We offer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) on a chargable basis. Intelligence fee will be charged for the smart chargers...

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First 3 years will be a replacement warranty against the components damage / malfunctioning. Warranty extended upto 2yrs.

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Our home chargers are compatible with all plug-in Electric Vehicles