Let’s overcome the Covid-19 - Sanitiser stands

Product Code


  • Height : 1136mm
  • Base : 270mm
  • Weight : 5.6mm
  • Holder type : Elastic
  • Anchoring hole : 1
  • Colour : Black
Product Code


  • Height : 1066mm
  • Base : 300mm
  • Weight : 10.6mm
  • Holder type : Elastic
  • Anchoring hole : 1
  • Colour : Black

Sanitizer bottle

upto 1000ml (sprayer)

Metal used

Mild steel

Height adjustment


A must have product in your workplace

Large scale

(Industries, Factories, Corporates, etc.,)

  • Hands free usage
  • Durable & robust

Medium scale

(Hospitals, Banks, Institutes, etc.,)

  • Handy to carry
  • Easy to dismantle

Small scale

(Restaurants, Petrol bunks, Supermarkets, etc.,)

  • Industry standard
  • Simple mechanism

It’s all in your hands to stay safe

We ourselves and our families have so far did the best during this COVID-19 pandemic by being in our homes following the government orders. Although we were proactive in handling this unforeseen circumstance to keep it under control as on date, it is understood that (based on scientists and experts opinions) there is still a long way to go before this virus once for all leaves our earth forever.

For this, we all should be mentally and physically prepared to handle the situation wisely with the proper safety measures in place. Our government has relaxed lockdown on specific sectors and some of us are ready to get back to our routines not only for the sake of doing our work but also for the benefits of improving the economy and welfare of our nation in this crisis.

In this regard, it is our company’s great contentment to become a part in ensuring yours as well as your well-wishers safety by introducing this foot pedal based sanitizer stand to you. This robust product would meet your requirements of hands-free usage of sanitiser bottles by using any of your feet. Please read the instructions below carefully before using this product.

Instructions to follow

  • 1. Ensure to keep it in the entrance (outdoor and/or indoor) of your workplace/environment, as it would be helpful for the people whoever enters/leaves to clean their hands frequently
  • 2. In case of keeping it in the outdoor, anchoring (on selected models) can be done at the bottom of the product to protect it from misuse/theft
  • 3. Make sure to adjust the height of the safety stand by altering the knob at the back (on topside) as per your sanitiser bottle requirements
  • 4. Gently press the pedal using any of your feet and ensure to maintain a little distance with your hands wide-open (to avoid the sprinkling of sanitiser liquid on to your clothes)
  • 5. Finally, always remember for yourself and also, insist others to clean their hands regularly to avoid the exposure to any kinds of germs/viruses

In this interim, we would like to owe a sincere note of thanks to the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, hospital support staffs, sanitisation workers, pharmacy workers, farmers, grocery store workers, policemen, government officials, volunteers and all other essential people who were at work in this quarantine for all their unconditional efforts and support.

We would like to thank you for visiting our page on our behalf and also, best wishes to overcome this corona virus at the earliest.