Our Services


Once your order is confirmed, we work ahead in three approaches

Pre-installation analysis

Site pre-inspection would be carried out by EVtron representative for understanding the site feasibility and customer’s preferences

Power supply and earthing study with accessory requirements


Installation will be carried out based on the internal checklist by EVtron representative.

We carry out every process professionally adhering to all the safety measures to meet customers satifaction.

Post installation report

After successful installation, a report will be generated by our team with customer's acknowledgement and feedback.

The same can be utilised from the customer’s end for the warranty claim purposes against the corresponding invoice number.


Incase of any issues, raise a ticket in our web-portal and our customer support team will get back within 48 hours to address your concerns.


We offer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) on a chargable basis.

Intelligence fee will be charged for the smart chargers (first year free).


First 3 years will be a replacement warranty against the components damage/malfunctioning.

Warranty can be extended upto 2 years (totally 5 years) at a reasonable price.